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Special Collection

Reflections on Archaeological Lidar

Collection launched: 27 Apr 2020

This Special Collection derives substantially from an international colloquium on the state of the art of airborne laser scanning in archaeology, held in Paris in December 2018. At this meeting, the Paris Dialogue on Archaeological Lidar, discussions compared research on archaeological lidar from different international contexts and teams, and reviewed achievements and challenges with the use of these datasets. Lidar data have been used by archaeologists for twenty years, and as the method now comes into widespread use, it is important to review the ways in which these datasets have been used in archaeological research, and to highlight best practices for ongoing and future research. Papers in this Special Collection draw on experiences with using lidar in archaeological research programs, not only to highlight the new insights that derive from the technique but also to cast a critical eye on past practices and to assess what challenges and opportunities remain to be addressed. Contributions revolve around themes of research ethics, data management and access, data reuse and repurposing, and the role of stakeholders throughout the research process. The Special Collection draws on our collective experiences to propose a range of improvements in how we collect, use, and share lidar data.

Edited by:
Anna S. Cohen, Utah State University, USA
Sarah Klassen, University of British Columbia, Canada
Damian Evans, École française d’Extrême-Orient, France